God’s church is not a building; the church is God’s people. Our goal as a church – a gathering of God’s people – is to continually be in the process of becoming who God wants us to be. It is a life-long journey that can seem pretty complicated sometimes. So we are making an attempt to simplify. We bring everything we do as a church down to three things – and these three things help us become who God wants us to be. These three things are three words: Worship, Grow and Serve.


Our most important task in life is to worship God. Most simply put, to worship is to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. Worship happens in a group of Jesus-followers. Worship happens privately and personally.


Each of us has a need to grow and learn what God wants of us. We do this through Bible study and discipleship. Through Sunday school classes, small group discipleship and through individual study we learn God’s word and how to live life the way God desires.


As we grow spiritually, we learn that God wants us to give back – to serve Him and serve others. We strive to be a church that helps one another use our spiritual gifts to serve here at home, across our state, our nation, or around the world.