Senior Pastor
FULL-TIME (Salary: Negotiable)
Location: Marshfield, MO 

Marshfield First Baptist Church is seeking a senior pastor with a love for God, strong leadership skills, an ability to make the gospel relevant to people’s lives through clarity in preaching, an ability to provide crisis ministry to those in need, and a clear vision for our congregation in Marshfield, Missouri.

-Preach and teach the Word of God. 

-Serve as chief administrative officer of the church, having supervisory authority and giving direction to all other employees. 

-Give direct management of office staff personnel, or assign responsibility to other ministry staff to meet organizational needs.

-Provide direct pastoral consultation to ministry staff for the development and implementation of all ministries, committees and organizations as listed under the current Organizational Chart. Provide consultation to all staff and their current ministries. 

-Work with deacon body in developing a partnership in church ministries, primarily to church  members in areas of pastoral care, prospect outreach and personal evangelism.

-Work with the trustees in coordinating building maintenance. 

-Provide pastoral care at times of crisis ministry (bereavement, accident, surgery, i.e. any problems that produces a crisis in lives), through pastoral counseling and pastoral visitation (including hospital visitation).

-Maintain daily office hours when possible, giving precedence to study in preparing for the preaching/teaching ministry. The rest of the day will be used as needed in performing administrative and pastoral duties. 


Please contact Mark D. Hedger, Pastor Search Committee Vice Chairperson for any inquiries.
Phone: (417) 664-3317



Marshfield First Baptist Church

Attn: Pastor Search Committee

1001 S. White Oak Rd.
Marshfield, MO 65706
(417) 468-2330